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Biblical Archaeology’s Top Discoveries of 2017

Biblical Archaeology’s Top Discoveries of 2017

Each year, on an almost daily basis, archaeological discoveries help us better understand the Bible and affirm its details about people, events, and culture. Below are the top excavation findings...

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Archaeologists Uncovered This 2,000 Year Old Treasure – And What They Found Is Incredible

Image: via Greek Reporter Image: APAAME source :http://scribol.com/ The sound of lapping waves fills the air as Professor Kutalmış Görkay frantically sweeps the last vestiges of eye-stinging...

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10 Recent Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries

From a 3000 year old Egyptian statue, to ancient human ancestors in China; These are 10 EPIC Recent Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries! Subscribe to Epic Wildlife http://goo.gl/6rzs5u...

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Mystery of Life in the Paleolithic Age : Documentary on Stone Age Archaeology (Full Documentary)

Mystery of Life in the Paleolithic Age : Documentary on Stone Age Archaeology (Full Documentary). ...

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Want to be an Archaeologist? Short film with help and advice.

A short careers film introducing the exciting career of a professional archaeologist. Shot on location with working archaeologists across South Jordan, this video gives lots of useful information...

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INCREDIBLE Archaeological Discoveries of 2017

New, exciting discoveries with incredible historical value lay within this video, from a huge statue of popular Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses the second to a giant stone structure with inscriptions...

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Oldest Mummies in the World (Archaeology Documentary) | Timeline

Ancient Egypt was considered to be the origin of the practice of mummification. In Chile, however, spectacular graves containing mummies a thousand years older than those of the Egyptians,...

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Time Team - Season 11, Episode 9 - Fertile Soils, Rich Archaeology (Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire)

No copyright infringement has been intended by the uploading of this video; I am simply trying to share this amazingly interesting series.

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Archaeology Discoveries that Prove the Bible is True [FULL VIDEO]

Amazing historical and archaeological evidence that proves the Bible is true. Archeology helps confirm the truth and reliability of the Bible. In addition, the many fantastic finds bring new...

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Archaeological Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind

Archaeological Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind contact us at: watchjojo2@gmail.com http://watchjojo.com ▻Source : https://goo.gl/zR2iyE ▻ SUBSCRIBE US: https://goo.gl/Z4nZcg...

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Michael Cremo: \

Michael A. Cremo Historian of Archeology Abstract: Over the past two centuries, archaeologists have found bones, footprints, and artifacts showing that people like ourselves have existed on...

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Stunning Archaeology Oddities That Hint at a Forgotten Episode in History

Mysteriously, many museums have hidden away their cache of archaeological oddities instead of displaying them, why are these important ancient artefacts being hidden from the public. Hundreds...

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A Place Called Etruria / Secret Archaeology {DOCUMENTARY}

SECRETS OF ARCHAEOLOGY: A Place Called Etruria (Ancient History Documentary) Take a virtual reality tour of history's most intriguing ancient civilizations. Secrets of Archaeology Take a...

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Solving Mysteries with Archaeologists!

Learn all about archaeologists: the scientists who solve the great mysteries of human history! ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover...

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Most Incredible Archaeological Finds

Scientists and archaeologists are making new, incredible discoveries all the time about the history of Earth's civilizations. Here are some of the most important--and the most bizarre--findings....

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Archaeologists In Canada Unearthed An Ice Age Settlement That May Rewrite North American History

Archaeologists In Canada Unearthed An Ice Age Settlement That May Rewrite North American History contact us at:watchjojo2@gmail.com http://watchjojo.com ****************************...

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Incredible - The Silent & Exciting Witness of Bible Archaeology

The Speaker in this video has a life long passion for any Archaeology relating to the Bible. He has spent many years compiling the vast amount of evidence there is in support of proving the...

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Sodom And Gomorrah (Biblical Archaeology Documentary) | Timeline

Sodom And Gomorrah – the names of these two Biblical cities have long since become bywords for sexual immorality and licentious behaviour. Home of excess and wickedness, they were destroyed...

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Archaeology at work

Archaeology at Work Looking for and Uncovering the Past Archaeology at Work is a series of films that introduces the methods and the equipment used by archaeologists today. The first two parts...

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Preparing for an Archaeology Career

My advice to anyone who may be interested in pursuing a career in commercial archaeology in the UK. British Archaeological Jobs Resource (BAJR) website: http://www.bajr.org/ US archaeology...

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Time Team S20-E12 The Time Team Guide to Experimental Archaeology

Tony Robinson celebrates the more than 150 practical experiments and re-creations that he and the Team have conducted over 20 years in order to unlock the mysteries exposed by their digs. ...

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Secrets of Archaeology - The Forgotten Civilization of Anatolia (History Documentary)

Forgotten Anatolia Secrets of Archeology Documentary History - History Documentary Films Anatolia (from Greek Ἀνατολή, Anatolḗ — east or (sun)rise; . Please Enjoy and Subscribe....

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Becoming an Archaeologist: Do you need a degree?

Discussing if you necessarily need a degree to work as an archaeologist, or if you can become one with a non-archaeology related degree. For UK archaeology job advertisements go to: http://www.ba...

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Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries that Authenticate the Bible

by \

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The Archaeology of Ancient Magic

My research as an apprentice-scholar of religion is ancient Greco-Roman magic. Many people do not realize that archaeologists have discovered hundreds of ancient objects that attest to the...

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Little Known Biblical Archaeology Discoveries

A list of things that modern science likes to hide from the public, true biblical discoveries uncovered that prove the Bible to be true and alive with knowledge and truth! Original upload...

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Sumerian Anunnaki Archaeological Discoveries, Artifacts, and Recovered Records DOCUMENTARY

In recent times there have been some astonishing archaeological discoveries in Iraq, the Sumerian cuneiform tablets being some of the most important in history. They show a very different...

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Orkney - archaeology

There is a saying in Orkney that if you scratch the soil it bleeds archaeology. It's almost true as the islands are notoriously rich in archaeological remains, more concentrated here than...

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Secrets of Archaeology - Greek Cities in Italy - History Documentary 2017

Magna Græcia (Latin meaning \

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